• Project type: Research
  • Project Area: Learning Management Systems, Collaborative work, Education
  • Collaboraters: Colearnr Inc., Pennsylvania Statue University
  • Research Methodology:
  • Timeline: 5 months
  • Status: Submitted for Publication

Background & Problem

The role of design is gaining a huge momuntum in K-8 classrooms. This is evident with the upsurge of design based thinking as a learning technique in K-12 education. However, emphasis on such swift adoption has overlooked the implicit complexities which design experts bring in during various stages of such process; referred to as “habits of mind”. It is therefore important to understand such innate complexities and make them explicit in current design thinking practices.

In our study, we wanted to understand the process of making these habits of mind explicit to children. For this purpose, we introduce Embedded Design Practise (EDP) - an approach for teaching design thinking practices to children using the technique of cognitive apprenticeship. Our study answers following research questions -

  1. How can we use EDP to build habits of mind for children? How does an example study look like?
  2. What are opportunities for learning provided by EDP?

To be published 1

Marcela Borge, Rama Adithya Varanasi, Dhvani Toprani, Shulong Yan, Prabhu Subramaniam. 2018.TweetSight: Enhancing Financial Analysts’ Social Media Use. In Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems .

[1]: Submitted for publication