I am a PhD candidate at Cornell University. I work with Dr. Nicola Dell and Dr. Aditya Vashistha in the intersection of Human Computer Interaction (HCID), Computer Science, and Development sociology.

My research focuses on understanding how everyday technologies impact different aspects of work, such as professional wellbeing, in digital labor. To that extent, I have worked with various service workers and stakeholders to understand how technologies, such as WhatsApp, create empowerment opportunities that can be leveraged to reduce job demands and improve professional wellbeing.

My research methods, generally, involve a mixed-methods approach with an eventual objective to translate my research insights into scalable and impactful technological solutions. With the constant push of AI based technologies into emerging markets, I am also interested in looking at how such technologies can be leveraged by facilitators to provide scalable, but human-centered coaching to improve professional wellbeing in working communities.

Research areas: Digital labor, Professional wellbeing, Agency, Privacy